Downtown Columbia

   The downtown area of Columbia includes the Congaree River Vista, the South Carolina State House, the University of South Carolina, Main Street, and so much more. It houses everything from large corporations to art galleries.

     The Congaree Vista area is the area closest to the river that divides Richland and Lexington Counties, between the river and Gervais street. The area features art galleries, clothing stores, upscale restaurants, a fabulous nightlife scene, restored historic buildings, apartments, the State Museum, Columbia Convention Center, and many hotels. It is a beautifully well kept area with so much to do, and something for everyone.

      The University of South Carolina in the heart of downtown Columbia has over 30,000 students. Needless to say, the University of South Carolina is not only a major part of the downtown area, but is a major part of Columbia life. Aside from the many academic centers the University has downtown, they also have the Colonial Life Arena that hosts the USC basketball teams, and Carolina Stadium which hosts the multi national championship winning baseball team. The University of South Carolina keeps downtown Columbia youthful, and ever changing for the better.